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The Neuhaus and Colt kits are almost finished

Thank you all for your pre-orders of the Neuhaus and COLT Interserie cars. I have had some difficulties both with casting and with finalizing decals but am almost finished with them, The 550A 1500RS kit is coming along and also about thru casting. ALL Kits are 1/24 scale

Please check back here around the second week of July 2016 for updates. Detail and molding quality for the new kits will be similar to the 917 PA but with much better quality decals from a new supplier. The Interserie kit (above) is modeled after the later Finned version of the car about mid-season in 1971, as is the COLT car (without fins).

I got minimal responses from either version of the Gesipa cars but either of them can be built using the un-finned COLT kit, and purchasing decals for them separately. They are available from myself or Patto's Place Decals.

I got quite a few inquiries about offering the STP car and will consider doing the variant of it after I get these kits finished and delivered.

Pricing for any the 917 kits is $125.00 and $80.00 for the 550 RS . Shipping for each kit is $6.00 U.S. or $16.00 overseas.

I should always have All kits including the 917 PA available for purchase.

To order or for questions Click here. I use PAYPAL for all transactions, and will just send a request for payment thru them to your e-mail address.

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